Things that need to be done

  • Speed up the loading times for sites (they load very slow)
  • Allow us to upload film files and pics direct to the zip thing.
I was sent this today by someone on modelcentro.

I am afraid the only way we can take your promo materials is taking them from the section My Promo tools ( zipped packages and free hosted galleries.. Is there any way you can add your clips there? 

I thought, if you do not know that I cannot, that is not a good sign.

  • Contact everyone who has a site and ask them if they do not mind clips being used
Until two days ago, I had no idea that my content was being used for free on tube sites.

We should have the right to say what clips are used.

  • Make mcprofits for affiliates
Mcprofits is shite to be honest.


I promote websites for the last 20 years, and every other affiliate system is easy to use.

You log in, and you can get all the links with ease.

If I want fhg's I can download them in any format I want.

At the moment I download in:


Getting fhg's is almost impossible from mcprofits.

Also the fhg's have some hotlink protection on, so if I try to upload them to one of my sites, they simply cannot see the pics, and so are rejected.

The solution mcprofits gives is that they think I am going to spend 30 mins downloading the zip files and doing everything manually. You can pretty much shove that idea up your bottom, when I can in 30 secs download 1000000's of fhg links from other systems (in a text file) and upload them to one of my sites.

I know many many many affiliates who would promote sites on modelcentro, but simply find mcprofits shite to use.


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