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Can we get the option to not allow members to use masked emails.


  • Dear @Beast!
    As some members didn't sign the personal data processing consent in their account settings and due to the GDPR updates on the platform, we're not able to share the private information without their consent. Their email will be displayed once the consent is signed. Please note that users cannot access your content until the consent is signed. 

    Have a good day!
  • Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology or just missing the breadth of what I'm asking. 
    So, I saw someone with an email -
    I Google of course and masked emails. I don't know what it is exactly. Seems a way to protect your identity. Cool. Not my cup of tea for my site. I don't want anyone to be able to get a membership with a masked email. Its a personal choice I don't want to waver on.

    So, I guess what I was asking, isn't there like a whitelist for email addresses. Like, I'm sure there are some shady email providers that are maybe blacklisted. Or better yet can I just block certain @ that I don't want on my site?
  • @Beast

    A masked email is a unique email address that forwards to your main email inbox. It is used because many people use the same username and password everywhere, that is why hackers obtaining your PSN info can access any accounts where you use the same login info, so masked email lets you control your security. That is why it is used by users.

    Unfortunately, there is no option to block users by email, you can block them by county, city and IP. But thank you for your ideal, I will surely discuss it with our team :)
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