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Hello Ladies, T-ladies, and Gentlemen. 

Allow me to introduce a brand new project - 

Affiliate site focused on the quality traffic for your paysites. We are currently accepting ladies, guys (straight only), and t-ladies (unless you mind to be mixed with the regular porn profiles). We are planning to introduce whole separate section for Gay profiles, but in our vision it should be a stand alone section not connected to the regular profiles so that will take us some time to develop. 

We are on affliate market since 2014 and in adult since 2010, but we love to start from the scratch, as that means infinite opportunities and no limitations due to the existing project(s) rules and existing development. 

Our site is oriented on the following contents:

  • Reviews
  • Photo shoots
  • Videos (of course)
  • Text interviews
  • Probably news from the expos later on

If by any chance you are interested in any kind of promotion, please feel free to visit our promotion page

NOTE: We are not spamming any promoted site with a useless traffic. Our main sources is organic and social traffic, we value bounce rate and wouldn't want to harm any promoted site.




  • Welcome, awesome website!

  • edited September 2018
    hey ya, i´d love a review & quality traffic sending my way.

    My site has already been reviewed by several sites, each with high reviews, so welcoming more!

    Thank you, Natalie xxx
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