Sync Videos not Completing

Hi. I'm Venus. My videos that i attempt to sync just continue to say "processing" and stay in the incomplete folder, although I can see that they are finished encoding and should be available to publish by now. Is this normal? Am I missing something? Is there something else I have to do? I have all the required info filled in. How long should I expect this to normally take to become available?


Venus Asteria


  • Hey there @Venus Asteria!

    Could you please contact our account managers via Live Chat on the website, so they can check your account and fix the problem? :) 

  • Hey @Venus 

    I just wanted to clarify on the SynC process (I'm sure our Account Management team alreayd explained that via live chat, but in case if someone with the similar question will come to this thread, I'll explain):

    Technical part of the video processing contains from encoding the video and approving it.

    - Encoding requires in order to provide video formats compatible with partners site as well as to apply appropriate watermark. And it usually takes from 1 to 15 minutes depending on the queue. 

    - Approval process means that our automated system will be going through the video's META data and attached documents (if any) in order to validate your presence on the video as well as to make sure there's nothing illegal. Since technical part of that functionality is complex and takes some time to process - approval can take up to 24 hours. 

    From what I can see, at the moment your videos has been processed and approved.


  • I had similar issues a few weeks ago, live chat solved it from our end but still not arriving. So i decided to ask at Pornhub, told me the almost the same thing when it comes to approving the videos on their end. 

    For some reason one of my files got uploaded twice at PH even tough i just send it once.

    Conclusion, sometimes Pornhub messes up due to the sheer amount of daily uploaded content, on congested periods it may take 72 hours or more to apear on your profile.

    Just ask them also. 
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