ModelCentro Community Code of Conduct

ModelCentro Community is a space for sharing knowledge and experiences with people who face similar challenges. It is a place for models, influencers, affiliates, studio owners, service providers and everyone who wants to participate in the relevant discussions to feel comfortable and enjoy communication. That is why we would like to introduce this set of basic rules of conduct for the ModelCentro Community forum.

Please DO NOT:

  1. Spam the forum with more than 1 thread advertising your product or service.
  2. Share any information that is meant to be kept private, such as real names or exact addresses, bank accounts, passwords etc.
  3. Use obscene language or otherwise try to offend other members of this forum. There is always a polite way to say that you disagree.
  4. Threaten, degrade, belittle or attack other forum members. Let’s all be nice here!

For violating these rules, you will get 1 warning from moderators, and if that is not successful a ban for 3 days. If you do not change your behavior to comply with these rules upon 3 days’ ban, you may, at the sole discretion of the moderators, be banned from this community for life.

These basic rules may be updated as needed.


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