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Hey Sexies!

We have released functionality to allow you to keep track of other models that you shoot with.
This is necessary for both legal compliance and your own safety. Once you
create a model in your admin, add his/her data, you can always keep track of
your legal documents and therefore make sure there are absolutely no ways in
which you can ever get in trouble later on - i.e. if that model has a "mood

How does that work? Basically, when you do a shoot with other models,
get a scan of their id (only gotta do that once per model) and have them sign a
release form during the shoot (download a blank doc from your admin). Adding
that to the video or pictures will automatically generate legal compliance and
store the docs to be handy if ever you would need to show them for inspection.

If you have a friend who has a fan site too, and
you shoot together, you can also add a link to his/her site (and he/she can do
the same).





  • I only work with my hubby so do I need to have him fill this out as well?
  • Kris Ann - I did, though I used a simpler release form (found online via AdultSeminars) since I am not paying him (well - we share our $$).  I suppose I have too many divorces in my family. Even though we have been together over a decade,  I have learned to cover my ass in case he gets pissed enough. :-)  

    Good luck with getting your site rolling. :-)
  • Thank you for the info MishaNox  that is a great idea
  • whats the deal with the "upsale link"? and also do we need to use this if we feature a fellow Modelcentro model? do we still need to upload ID etc?

  • Busty_Von_Tease, the link will apprear on the website on the page with that video or photo set, as the model's stage name link

    Having the ID and a release form is a requirement of US 2257 records keeping, and also a way to make sure you will never have a problem with the content, so yes - it's worth having it to never have to worry about it.

  • on a slight tangent, is there a way or are there any plans to allow us to promote other modelcentro pages from our own? this would be esspecially helpful to be able to help promote pages which are referrals and just friends who need a bit of help getting established, obviously it would need both parties to agree.

    Just a thought.

  • Busty_Von_Tease you are already free to promote other sites, and many models do it via blog posts for their members. Issue is - I don't think there's a separate page for it coming up soon, although a "Links" page was discussed a while back.


    P.S. I'm emailing you some important info, pls check in a few minutes for a message from natalie at modelcentro

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