New Feature on ModelCentro site: Schedule events in your new Calendar!

Connecting with your fans is easy with the new ModelCentro Event Calendar feature!

Let your fans know when you'll be traveling, shooting content for them, or just getting a puppy. Bring them closer and capture their interest by announcing important events that are happening in your life, make them anticipate content publications and site events, be it a live show, a new video, a new photoset, etc. Improve conversions by making your fans aware that something interesting is coming on your paid membership website. Spoil your fans and they will definitely spoil you! 
If you are an individual juggling many different roles, undoubtedly you are strapped for time. We won't let you forget what you planned! ModelCentro will send you reminders of what you've scheduled so you don't miss any events, keep your fans happy, and make more money!


  • I managed to set an event up . uploaded a pic swell but the pic hasn't been uploaded , thought I'd just let you know .

  • This one: Chloe Lovette Coming 2 Stay ?
  • Angel , we are sorry about that. It was a bug which is already fixed, so now you can easily upload pictures to the event calendar! :) 
  • coolio ;-) thank you for getting things fixed so quick . 

    Such a great service u guys provide . 

    Emailed u in regards to my twitter stuff
  • Angel, I've never got it for some reason, feel free to add me in skype - sasha-centro :)
  • I love love LOVE this feature one thing I'd like to see eventually is a way to pick the order your events calender on your site arranges itself. Right now it seems that it goes in order the item was posted, I would love to be able to have it go in the order of date picked for the post but still this is an AWESOME FEATURE
  • edited September 2014
     Hey Frankiez, thank you so much for the feedback, I'm happy that you like our new feature. Right now we are working on improving the calendar and soon you will be able to order by date, it's being worked on right now. xoxoxo
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